December 31, 2001



Mr. Terry Lauderdale

PO Box 6306

Moore , OK  73153


RE:       Garroutte Products

4372 N. Pleasant View Rd.

Ponca City, OK 

Startz Insurance Salvage File: 101325

Insurance Company’s File:


Mr. Lauderdale,

Thank you for your business.  Below is a listing for all expenses and credits applied to this loss to date.


Description                                                                           Amount


                        Salvor Labor                                                    $269.84

                        Trucking                                                           $108.50

                        Commission                                                      $57.83


                        Total Bill:                                                          $436.17

                        Recovery:                                                         ($578.34)

                        Total Due:                                                        ($142.17)


Please find attached reimbursement check.


Startz Insurance Salvage EIN # 73-1523658




We look forward to working with you in the future.  If you have any questions regarding any loss handled for your company, please feel free to call (405) 321-0664.





Steve Startz