Bids may be updated by all buyers any time prior to published bid closing date and time. All bids are subject to approval by Startz Insurance Salvage and the principal. High bid at closing date and time will be forwarded to the principal for approval. ie: generally the principal is the adjuster for the Insurance Co. or the Insured. Once approved and payment is received by Startz Insurance Salvage the items will be released for pickup. 

Buyers must remove entire lot from current storage location. Storage companies may charge a clean up fee if you leave something behind.

Bid closing date and time is subject to change.

Payment is due Startz Insurance Salvage once the principal has approved your bid within 2 business days by cashiers check or wire transfer.

The items you are buying are as is where is.

The buyer is responsible for all load-out and shipping costs.

Unless otherwise stated on the salvage listing pages on Startz Insurance Salvage web site there are no current storage fees due on salvage.

The buyer will also be subject to any storage fees incurred due to failure of the buyer to pickup the salvage in a timely fashion. ie: More than 10 business days. Every effort should be made by the buyer to pick the items up on the insured's schedule. 

Startz Insurance Salvage expresses no guarantees whatsoever concerning this sale. The items have been represented by Startz Insurance Salvage for your reference only and should be inspected and verified to your satisfaction prior to your bid.

Startz Insurance Salvage has attempted to reflect quantities and conditions as they appear.   

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