Blount, Curry & Roel Funeral Home

Blount, Curry & Roel Funeral Home
200 Pasadena Ave.
St. Peterberg, Fl 33707
Startz Insurance Salvage File: 120o285
Insurance Company’s File: BON7609H
Bid #120o285
Assigned Salvor:
Kevin Bennett
Office: 405-321-0664
Fax:     405-573-0686
Document Status:
Overview Pending
Acceptance Letter Updated 12/22/00 Download As MSWord Doc
Salvage Agreement Pending Ins. Signature
Final Report Pending
Status Report 1 updated 1/13/01 Download As MSWord Doc
Spreadsheet w/photos
updated 12/22/00
photos received and updated 12/30/00
Download As MSExcel

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