Travelers Losses

Open Losses Loss #sis Loss #Travelers Status
 Balliet's 012344 AUE5076
Field Inventory Completed 02/01/02
Spreadsheet with values posted 02/05/02
 Star Video 120o284 BXP1535A
Field Inventory Completed 12/11/00
Received Values from Insured 12/27/00
Spreadsheet with values posted 12/29/00
Bidding Closed 01/04/01
Sold pending account balance payment 01/24/01
Blount, Curry & Roel Funeral Home 120o285 BON7609H
Web Inventory Completed 12/22/00
Photos received 12/29/00
Sold awaiting Payment 01/24/01
Two Designing Women dba Wish 0113o1 BXA0137F
Onsite Inventory Completed 01/19/01
Values Received 01/23/01
Spreadsheet with values posted 01/24/01
Pending Sale
Archived Losses
None at current time

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